About Us

2014 was the initialization of our project, it all started with a single ideology, an ideology to bring forth a better tomorrow. Most of the member of the team are passionate science and technology lover, a team who one day wishes to make a contribution to the world, a team of wishful people who longed for the day that their work and their ideology can help contribution to modern society and bring forth a better tomorrow.

One of the key problem we found is the vast potential of remittance. A service that is deem necessary and frequently relied upon by many. The potential of remittance is so vast that is can affect something as small as the income of a single household to the GDP and economy of a nation. Many people relied upon these services to send money home but infuriately it comes at a high cost. If the cost of remittance can be reduced by even 10%, it could potential give back the sociality billions of dollars. That is where our motivation started, if we could provide a solution to this problem, we could potentially contribute greatly to the world.


Our vision is to help bring forth a better tomorrow, wishing that our project would greatly contribute to the world and potentially provide help to many who need it.


Our mission is to create an ecosystem, one where VHCoin is its base. A single ecosystem that can solve the remittance problem, and provide potential funding to promising projects.

Remittance: The Global Demand

An ever growing and always in demand service, one that is especially popular amongst foreign worker and families, one that many small and large business greatly rely upon; the remittance service.

Remittance service enabled everyone to be able to perform money transfer globally, regardless where you are from and what profession you hold, remittance service always a need. Remittance is not a new concept to the world, in fact it is more common for people to be involve in remittance service than not to be and remittance have always been part of human history. Especially in the European region, remittance have been heavily relied upon since the 19th centuries, thus in resulting most countries creating policies on remittances as after a detail research, remittance have place a major role in their economy, one so huge that it can even potentially aect the country’s economy. In 1901, Italy was the first country in the world to enact a law to protect remittance, where several countries even have signed international treaty just to lower the cost of the remittance received.

The Team

Liew Jenn Lim

chief executive officer

Lee Jian Hong

chief technology officer

Shermaine Yap

art director


full stack developer